Sharing the joy of a new marriage is the reason we invite close family and friends to join the celebration and festivities at the wedding reception. A wedding is one of the most special and pivotal lifetime moments, deserving of keepsakes that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Saving messages or special sentiments from your guests adds a creative and tender touch to the traditional, simple sign-in guest book. Below, are some suggestions to personally engage your guests with creative wedding guest books. The bride and groom are always surrounded by many others at the wedding reception so, these ideas allow each guest to share this momentous occasion with them in their own intimate way.


The Scrap Book Guest Book – Each page is lined with little envelopes or sticky Post-Its where each guest can write a special wish for the bride and groom.







When You Wish Upon a Jar – Fill a jar with cards that have your message to your guests printed on one side. Each guest picks out a card and then writes their message or wish to you on the reverse side. These completed cards can be kept in another jar or basket.







Portfolio of Well Wishes – Keep organized! Each guest writes a note to the bride and groom on the provided paper or cards and files them alphabetically, by name, in a beautifully decorated filing box.






Postcards with Passion – Who doesn’t love mail? Each guest or family writes a short personal note, on a postcard that has been previously addressed to the wedding couple. Postcards are gathered in a makeshift mailbox or basket, which can later be stamped and mailed to the newlyweds by a friend.




The Warmest Quilt – Nothing could be cozier than a quilt of warm, loving wishes. Each guest writes a message on a fabric square. Later, the fabric patches can be sewn together to create a personalized quilt, made special for the wedding couple.






Message in a Bottle – Guests can write sentimental messages on paper, fold them up and place them in a bottle.





Treasure Chest – Provide some colored paper or cards for your guests to inscribe their messages. Keep these, along with photos or other mementos of the day in a durable keepsake box.





These are just some guest book ideas to get your brain thinking! Let your creative side out!


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