Here are some great DIY projects that will be sure to add individual  personality to any wedding.

1.)    “A Sparkling Farewell”

Here is a great do it yourself project that is easy to create and leaves your guests with a unique and memorable experience they will cherish for a lifetime.  Start off with buying, in bulk, packs of sparklers.  You can find these at your local dollar store or retail stores (make sure you buy enough for each guest to have 3)  Next, purchase paper match books which usually come in bulk, along with rubber cement. Print on the card stock an inspiring inscription, the date of your wedding along with both of your names or anything that you feel is representative to you and your husband. Cut strips of card stock to be 4in. in width and 6in. in length.  Make two slits ½ inch from the top and bottom of the card stock (make a 1inch slit horizontally)  Put rubber cement near the bottom of the card and place the match book on it, as seen in the picture. Slide 3 sparklers into the first slit at the top and push their ends through the slit at the bottom.  Have your maid of honor or wedding planner pass them out at the end of the night just as you are about to leave your reception.   Not only will your guests have a great time enjoying themselves with their sparklers, but it will also give the atmosphere a soft, sparkling glow as you and your new husband leave the reception.

2.) The Bride Maids “ Wedding Day Survival Kit.”

As a special thanks to all of your bride maids, here is a DIY essential wedding day kit for all of your gorgeous gals. For this project the options are endless and completely dependent on personal preference. Suggestions for this project would be to start off with treat boxes to place all your goodies inside.  Martha Stewart has precious pink scalloped treat boxes that can be found at Kmart, Sears or online. The Martha Stewart kit comes complete with ribbons, name tags and plastic bags to surrounds the box, however if you cant find or don’t want to use these particular treat boxes you can find all the supplies you need at your local craft and dollar stores.  Fill your treat boxes with mints/gum, lip gloss or lip stick, Advil, granola bars, mini nail files, candy or a travel sized adult beverage.  This DIY project has limitless possibilities these are only suggestions, you can change and alter what you choose to put in your “wedding day survival kit” to better fit your personality.


3.) Message in a Bottle Guest Table Seating

Here is a fun unique way to engage your guests in a fun activity that helps them find  seats at your reception. Start off by looking online for mini glass bottles with corks as lids.  Usually you can find them in bunches of 50 pieces at a time.  Print the names of your guests on parchment paper.  If you don’t have access to parchment paper, you can print their names on regular computer paper and stain them with semi damp tea bags to give it a rustic, worn feel.  Cut the names into strips that are small enough to fit into the glass bottles.  Write the respective table number of each guest on the back of pieces of paper.  Roll the strips of paper and place them in the glass bottle and position them so that your guest’s name is visible through the glass.  Put the corks on and place the bottles in a basket full of sand (which can be purchased at any craft store).  Add seashells, toy anchors or anything that pertains to the theme of your wedding.   Not only will your guests enjoy ‘hunting’ for their names but also find this creative idea really original!


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