Deciding between live entertainment and a disc jockey seems to be a common dilemma these days.  Both have exceptional qualities they can offer a wedding reception, it just depends what the bride and groom are looking for. There are local wedding DJs in Philadelphia, check out our list of entertainment here!

Bands offer a wide range of music that appeal to any age.  They offer a sense of class and can be the reason people talk about your wedding for a while afterwards.  Bands are also willing to learn special songs such as the bride and her father’s dance.

The only downfall to live bands is that they tend to be more expensive, ranging between $1,000 and $10,000.  If there is a sound restriction at your wedding reception venue, it may also be difficult for the bands to tone it down.

Disc jockeys are normally less expensive then live bands. Toning the volume down, if necessary, would be far easier for DJs to do than live bands.

They are also able to play virtually any song out there.  DJs have an extensive collection of music, and they are not limited to playing any song like a band would be if they didn’t know the song.  They will take requests from the guests and can easily play any period, ethnic, or themed songs.

Ultimately, either option is great, it just depends what the bride and groom want and what their wedding budget allows.  It is always a possibility to hire a band and during their few breaks have a DJ play music!  This way you can experience the fantastic qualities of both.


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