Having a destination wedding involves having the ceremony and reception at a vacation location, away from the bride and grooms hometown.  This has become a very popular trend amongst wedding in the last couple years due to the fact that it’s a hip alternative that not only allows the couple to incorporate their adventurous side of their honeymoon but also incorporate that into their ceremony too.  Many destination weddings involve just the eloping couple.  Others include close friends and family members while some still opt for a full scale wedding with multiple parties held when they return.  Is a destination wedding really right for you? Here are the pros and cons to help you make your decision for your big day;


-Most resorts and tourism organizations have monitored this ever growing trend and deemed it very lucrative to their business. Because of high word of mouth, most resorts will try and ease the stress of wedding planning by providing packages that include a wedding coordinator that will help you and act as a consultant in all the essential details for ceremony.  (If a wedding consultant is not provided it is highly suggested that your hire one before you start on this endeavor.) Make sure to talk to your provided wedding consultant about organizing various activities for your guests to engage in for the duration of their stay.

-By having a destination wedding, in turn lends itself to having a smaller guest list.  You can avoid the feeling of being obligated to invite people you just can’t stand, or an in-law that everyone fights with.  Just invite your closest of family and friends.  This way no hard feeling will be had and the drama will be greatly decreased.


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