Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor- “Seed Bombs”

Here is a great way to insure that your wedding favor is a gift that not only helps the environment but is also fun for your guests as well.  Instead of the traditional wedding favor that normally tends to be categorized under “random-stuff” by your guests, these seed bombs are a perfect way to have your wedding favor truly “live-on.”



Here’s what you will need:
-Clay (Recommended: Crayola air dry clay)
-Large mixing bowl
-Various seeds of your choice
-Organic compost
-Rounds of fabric
-Ribbons or decorative twist ties
-Hole punch

Directions: In a large bowl, mix together 5 parts clay with one part seeds and one part compost.  Scoop out a portion of the mixture with your hands and add a little bit of water until the mixture has a tacky consistency.  Roll mixture into little balls that are about 1 inch thick in diameter.  Place them out to dry for at least 48 hours.  While waiting for the seed bombs to dry, cut out rounds of fabric measuring about 5 inches in circumference.  Then place the now dried seed bombs in the center of the fabric bringing up all the edges and tying it closed with the ribbon or ties.  Finally hole-punch your homemade labels with instructions (example: place in ground and water) and attach them to the ribbon on your seed bomb satchels and you’re ready to pass out eco-friendly wedding favors.


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