The Naked Cake

Among non-traditional weddings, the naked cake has become a fast growing trend. This particular feature consists of a cake without any outer frosting, allowing your guests to see the various layers that were used.  If choosing a naked cake for your wedding, be sure to take into consideration the various colors that each layer will have since they all will be exposed.  Although this cake is a fun and interesting trend it is not recommended for a wedding in which the venue is outside during the summer months because the heat and humidity could melt and ruin your cake. If you do want a naked cake and your wedding venue is outside, be sure and check with your baker about various filling options that will be able to withstand the particular climate on the day of your wedding. Simple and clean, the idea of a naked wedding cake offers a rustic charm to any brides wedding.



Cake Shooters

This specific type of wedding cake will be sure to bring back childhood memories to your guests through its push-up pop inspired design. Filled with various flavors, frostings and fillings, this unique alternative will leave your guests with a fun and distinctive, memorable experience.


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