Not a traditional bride and have been thinking about writing your own vows? First, make sure your officiant will accept personalized vows. The officiant might even want to take a look at them before you recite. Then, decide if you will be writing your vows separately or together? What kind of tone will you want to use for your vows, are you going to add humor or are you going to keep them heartfelt and sincere? Some couples add a little bit of humor by adding different sarcastic lines within another, for example, “I promise to honor and cherish you even if the trash is overflowing”. Your vows should come from deep within your heart.  The vows will also show off your personalities if you write your own. They will be more meaningful and genuine to each other. Remember, your guests will be listening and watching you, so make sure to keep your vows short and sweet!

Another option may be if you or your spouse is musically talented, maybe you will want to write a song to play for each other – your guests will definitely enjoy listening! Or if you like to rhyme or love poetry, a poem may be your choice on how to recite your vows. Whether you are a traditional or nontraditional bride, keep in mind your vows are something special, they are promises to each other!


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