Fabric flower bouquets are the hottest trend! For those who have bad allergies and can’t have fresh flowers for their bouquet this is a great DIY project!

This tutorial is from Rock n Roll Bride.




– Fabric flowers from assorted vintage necklaces or hair-clips

– Whisk

– Scraps of wool

– Scissors

– Cotton twine

– Hot glue gun

Firs,t take your whisk and start to deform it but make sure to keep the oval/round shape. Then, begin to fill the inside with scraps of wool. Detach the fabric flowers from the necklaces and hot glue or stitch them onto pins or bobby pins. Cut off cotton twine in the length of the handle of the whisk. Start to wrap the twine around the metal handle part of the whisk to hide the metal. You may need to hot glue the twine so it stays in place. You can add ribbon to the handle to make it fancy.

This is a simple and easy way to make your own fabric flower bouquet for your wedding. If you love a fresh flower bouquet, use this bouquet as the toss bouquet. This also gives the guest who caught the bouquet a souvenir from your wedding.



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