Just got engaged? Congrats!! We are thrilled to help guide you through wedding planning!

Before saying “I-Do” – make sure you begin your Wedding Planning “To-Do” list with these 5 things…

  1. Wedding planning can be very stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but whatever you do, do not freak out! Hire a wedding planner! They are the pro’s and know the in’s and out’s to everything wedding. Browse our wedding planner list and start making those phone calls!
  2. Engagement photos are great save-the-date cards! These photos will create the start to a new beginning! Find our top photographers here!
  3. Create a wedding budget- and stick to it! We all know how hard it is to hold back on buying something but weddings are very expensive! We have a great wedding budget article to help you create your wedding budget- play around with it and come up with a good budget that you can really stick to.
  4. Picking a date/reception venue visiting – Sometimes you know which date you want from the get-go, but what happens if that date isn’t open at the reception venue that you really want to have your wedding reception at? Find the happy medium- either the date or the reception venue will help you find that perfect wedding date.
  5. Start compiling your guest list. You know how much you are able to spend and you know how many guests your reception venue holds, now the hardest part- the guest list! Begin adding your family members first and then add your friends!

Enjoy this amazing time as an engaged couple.  Reach out for help when you feel overwhelmed and remember, wedding planning is supposed to be fun!

Good Luck!


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