Well this one does not fit…the gold one is too small…the black one does not give me any height…the white one is too big…the silver is too wide…the red is not wide enough…the blue and silver does not extenuate my legs… I cannot seem to find the perfect fit.

There are so many various types of bridal shoes out there to choose from. There may be some pressure to comply to wearing fancy, sparkly  6” heels at your wedding, but wearing heels are not the only shoes to choose from. Think about it. If you wear a pair of nice high heels to your wedding ceremony then to your wedding reception, you will have callused feet for a month. To avoid spending money on a pedicure, try searching for a comfortable, yet pretty shoe. Depending on the type of bride you are, this suggestion may only apply to a small amount of you. A small amount of you may read this article and look into the suggestion, while other brides may read this article and at least give their insight on the suggestion. Both reactions are perfectly fine. A suggestion is meant to help spark any new ideas that you may be having a difficult time configuring. Let`s get to it!

A comfortable shoe…what comes to mind when you think of comfort beneath your feet? Well, personally, slippers are very comfortable, but not necessarily appropriate wedding attire. How about flip flops? Flip flops would be perfect for a 2012 summer wedding. Brides who are having a summer wedding could consider wearing engraved, sparkly flip flops. Engrave your flip flops with sayings such as, “ Just married,” “ Here comes the bride”, etc. Another suggestion would be to put some ribbon on the flip flop and add your own creativity to the sandal.

Another good idea would be wearing bridal sneakers or tennis shoes. Usually when you think of a sneaker or tennis shoe you think: comfortable. The cyber world displays so many creative designs for a sneaker and a tennis shoe. Do not feel obliged to wear heels to your wedding. Heels may look nice, but blisters and soreness play a big role in the aftermath.

These suggestions are just something to think about when searching for the perfect wedding shoe. Just make sure that whichever shoe you may choose whether it’s a heel, sneaker, flip flop, or tennis shoe that it fits!  Comfort really is most important!   Good luck!


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