wedding insuranceLike any major investment, insurance is a must nowadays in order to protect your finances if by chance something goes wrong on your big day. Wedding insurance protects you and your fiancé from circumstances that are beyond your control that prevent you from completing your wedding in its entirety.   Big financial losses can occur if your wedding is suddenly canceled, someone becomes ill, the baker dropped your cake during transportation, your wedding dress was damaged, the limo driver did not show up, the country club where your venue was being held is uninhabitable due to a fire, etc.  Through wedding insurance, these disasters will be covered and the two of you will be reimbursed financially.

Why should you consider wedding insurance?  A lot has been invested into the planning and ultimately the success of your wedding.  Your wedding should be a day that will be reminisced upon for years to come, don’t let circumstances beyond your control ruin your special day and leave you at a loss financially. By purchasing wedding insurance, you are securing not only the financial status of your wedding but also your memories as well.

Although you might not want to think about the possibility of your groom (or even you) getting cold feet, the reality is that these things do happen. With the average wedding costing around $27,000 the cost of having to canceling due to nerves or a change of heart can be devastating both emotionally and financially.  Wedding insurance covers this type of cancellation as well as coverage for personal counseling after this tragedy. A basic policy plan covering a cancellation, costs around $220 for a $27,000 wedding.  That policy price is roughly comparable to the cost of 1 guest attending your wedding.  When weighing the risks surrounding your wedding, take into account all the financial benefits wedding insurance will provide if something does deter you from having the wedding of your dreams.

Here are just some of the basic policy options available, as well as a breakdown of what they range in coverage:
Personal Liability – Provides liability coverage and protection against losses that occur due to property damage and alleged bodily injury.
Coverage Deductibles – This specific option offers coverage to property damage liability deductibles as well as respective deductibles that you have selected from within the personal liability coverage options.
Cancellation/Postponement– Provides coverage for the various expenses that occur when the event has to be cancelled or postponed for specific reasons that are beyond ones control.
Gifts -This will ensure coverage to replace or repair/fix gifts that have been lost, damaged or stolen to the extent from within the respective policy’s domain.
Jewelry –Under this coverage, jewelry that you own, will be replaced or repaired if it happens to be stolen/lost or damaged.
Loss of Deposits– Choosing this specific coverage will ensure that you receive lost deposits that are nonrefundable when someone you hired to provide specific goods and or services went out of business.
Photographs and Video -This coverage will reimburse you in order to have photos and videos retaken when the photos/videos are lost, stolen or damaged or if the photographer/videographer fails to deliver photo/video documentation and/or show up to the scheduled event.
Professional Counseling-This coverage will pay fees needed for professional counseling due to a result of a cancellation when prescribed by a medical physician.
Rented Property -This specific coverage option will pay to replace or repair items that were rented in order to facilitate a successful production of a wedding.  Such items include but not limited to; tents, tables, chairs, generators etc.
Special Attire -This coverage will ensure monetary fees paid to the repair or replacement of the bridal gown, bridal party attire, tuxedo, groomsmen’s attire as well as various other items listed and within specified policy territory.

If you are looking for Wedding Insurance contact Barbara Hutton at The Reisen Agency 610-259-5500 for more information!


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